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A Formal Logic Language for Sketch Representation and Analogy


Wang Jia (2010): A Formal Logic Language for Sketch Representation and Analogy
presented at "Doctoral Colloquium at GIScience 2010"
published by "AKA"

Compared to WIMP interface offered by state-of-the-art GISs, peopleare more familiar with other intuitive approaches about space in everyday life,such as drawings. Untrained GIS users can just access and analyze the spatial databy sketching from their common knowledge of the environments, e.g., sketchingas a spatial query language offers a fairly natural way of expressing spatialinformation. However, the existing sketching interaction methods ignore thenegative cognitive affections on sketch interpretation and representation. As theschematization and distortion of the metric world, which appear to be aconsequence of the ordinary perceptual and cognitive processes, it is necessary toaccount for cognitive perspective while building up an interactive humancomputer-interface using sketching. A formal logic language for sketchrepresentation and analogy will be developed, which will be cognitive plausibleand easily understood and computed in information systems.

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